About Us

Founded in 2017, got pocket?, the brand has served as a universal message to musicians, aspiring musicians and music lovers alike.

In 2015, a devoted supporter of J-Rod Sullivan sparked the idea by asking to purchase merch. Through one unsuccessful attempt to sell merchandise, J-Rod realized that his mission would extend beyond an individual brand and speak the language true to the heart of musicians. 

Pocket: when a musician has the ability to play whatʼs necessary to complement the music, while in sync and adding their own creativity.

"Pocket gets you paid", was a phrase J-Rod Sullivan would often hear early in his career. That phrase spoke to the essence of a musician’s ability but has since manifested into a call to action, activating the confidence in aspiring musicians to embrace and excel in the art. 

Uniting aspiring musicians in over 25 countries, got pocket?, is more than a brand, it is the story of every musician’s journey with one common goal; creating captivating and compelling music.

got pocket?



Jerrod "J-rod" Sullivan